Keeping Music Live in Suffolk

The Committee

Chairman Simon Pulham
Treasurer Mark Cheadle
Secretary Angela Hope
Membership Secretary Gordon Scopes
Librarian Mandy Chinery
Concert Manager Russell Banyard
Trustee Adrian Budgen
Trustee Pennie Nash
Trustee David Brunning
Committee Member VACANCY

As a result of charitable status, all members of the committee are trustees of the Charity. If you are interested in joining the committee then you can download a proposal form here.

Committee Job Descriptions


  • To supervise the running of all of the Band's business affairs and meetings.
  • To adjudicate in any dispute within the Band.
  • To be responsible for the well-being of the Band.


  • To deal with all incoming enquiries and correspondence to the Band and to report all relevant details to the Committee for any decision required.
  • To supervise and circulate to Committee members the agenda, minutes of previous meetings, correspondence summary list, and any other relevant papers prior to meetings.
  • To receive enquiries regarding Band engagements and to obtain relevant information about prospective jobs.
  • To pass on any information regarding engagements or other Band business to the membership in general, either by word of mouth, via the notice board, or if necessary to delegate another officer to do so.
  • To ensure that the website is kept up to date.


  • To deal with the receipts and payments and be responsible for any monies belonging to the Band.
  • To be responsible for the collection of subs from members.
  • To inform the committee at each meeting the state of the financial situation of Band funds and to advise on the suitability of any proposed expenditure.
  • To prepare a budget with recommended levels of fees for Membership, Musical Directors and Concerts.
  • To prepare a financial statement for each annual meetings and to arrange for it to be independently examined.

Membership Secretary

  • To keep a record of membership.
  • To prepare and publish lists of those members available for each engagement and to inform the Musical Director concerned of any shortcomings, and if necessary contact absent members to ascertain reason for non-attendance and/or their availability for rehearsals or engagements.
  • To report at each Committee meeting any relevant problems regarding membership generally and of prolonged non-attendance in particular.
  • To issue to prospective new members a membership application form and a copy of the member's handbook.
  • To contact guest players in consultation with the Musical Director.
  • To liaise with the Treasurer to help with the collection of subs.


  • To be responsible for the ordering of new music in collaboration with the Musical Director and Treasurer.
  • To prepare and issue parts for rehearsal and concerts.
  • Catalogue and repair music and be responsible for the library.
  • An assistant Librarian may be appointed to help as required.

Concert Manager

  • To arrange for transporting the kit to and from engagements.
  • To set up chairs and stands for concerts as required by the Musical Director.
  • To arrange the Band in order to enter and exit the stage during a concert.
  • To ensure the concert venue is left tidy.
  • To be responsible for the organisation and repair of all Band equipment.

Publicity Officer

  • To liaise with the media and the general public to promote the Band's interests and activities
  • To arrange for the design and printing of programmes, posters and tickets as required.
  • To organise distribution of posters.

Other Committee Duties

  • To assist the officers in their duties as required.
  • To arrange tea and coffee during rehearsals.
  • To unlock and lock up and be responsible for the rehearsal venue.
  • To ensure all members are issued with appropriate band jacket.
  • To organise personnel events, social activities and special band trips etc.
  • To ensure that the Band adhere to the dress code.