Keeping Music Live in Suffolk

A snapshot of the Suffolk Concert Band in its fiftieth year.

  1. March - Seventeen Come Sunday - Ralph Vaughan Williams
  2. Saint-Germain-de-Prés (Paris Sketches No.1) - Martin Ellerby
  3. Pigalle (Paris Sketches No.2) - Martin Ellerby 
  4. The Tarantella (Suite Bohemian No.3) - James Ord Hume
  5. When Johnny Comes Marching Home - Traditional (arr. Fenouhlet)
  6. Shelter Island - Nigel Hess
  7. Playing Many Parts (i. Many a Slip, ii. Set-to, iii. The Curate’s Egg) - Adrian Budgen
  8. Lux Aurumque (Light and Gold) - Eric Whitacre
  9. Pirates of the Caribbean (Symphonic Suite) - Klaus Badelt (arr. Wasson)
  10. Chanson de Matin Opus 15 No.2 - Edward Elgar (arr. Wiffin)
  11. Gershwin! - George Gershwin (arr. Barker)

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The Suffolk Concert Band recorded in October 2006 at St. John's Church, Felixstowe.

  1. Concert Prelude
  2. Overhead
  3. Pique Dame
  4. Suffolk Mill
  5. Slow March
  6. The Duchess & Speed the Plough
  7. Drum Major's Daughter
  8. Colonel Blimp
  9. Here, You and Yesterday
  10. Broadway Showstoppers
  11. Royal Salute

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