Keeping Music Live in Suffolk

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Name    Instrument 


Where they are now
Stephen Ades Percussion   Moved to Wales
Lynne Jones Clarinet 2001 - 2002 Moved to Shetland. Died after longterm battle with cancer
Lesa Appleyard Oboe 1993 -   
Simon Ashdown Horn 1993 -   
Sarah Atkinson Clarinet 2004 - 2007 Went to University
Emily Ayres Flute 1995  
Gary Bachan  Trombone 2010 Still in Ipswich
Will Baldry Horn/Percussion 2004 - 2007 Went to University
Steve Barton Horn   Moved North
Rob Beale Clarinet  2010 - 2012 Working abroad 
Clive Beaumont Cornet   Died in 1989
Geoff Bills Tenor Saxophone   Still playing in Woodbridge
Ken Blake Clarinet   Still local
Gillian Brandon Clarinet   Became a singer
Mike Brierly Baritone   Still local
Tim Broom Trumpet    
Melanie Boyle Oboe   Moved to New Zealand
Linda Burraston Trumpet   Became Linda Lindley, now Lee, living in South West
Harold Burrows Cornet 1967 - 1975  
Ian Burton Trombone   Still local, occasional guest player
P. Bushby      
Rankin Bushby MD   Still local
Alison Butler   Flute  2000-2012  Moved to Woking
Pauline Challacombe Flute 1973 -   
Pat Charman    1973 - 2004 Still local (nee Clarke)
Don Cheesewright   Tuba 1992 - 2012Died in 2016
Anne Clarke Alto Saxophone 1987 - 2003 Still local
Paul Clarke Trombone - -
Tommy Clover Trombone    
Tony Cocker Percussion   Still local
Freddie Cocker Cornet 1967 - 1975 Died in 1990's
Derek Cocker Percussion    
Denise Cotterell Flute 2006 - 2007 Still local
Trevor Daldry    Tuba  2001 - 2013   Still local
Reg Dallinger Cornet    
Rebecca Darlow Oboe 2006 Still local
Michael Demetriade Bassoon   Was MD for short while. Died in 2006
Gary Deverson Trombone 1973 - 1975  
Mike Dicomite Alto Saxophone    
Katherine Doyle Bassoon 1995 - 2000 Moved with work. Playing with Basingstoke Concert Band
Sarah Driver Clarinet 2008 -  2010 Went to University 
Reg Dyer Trombone    
Zoe Edmunds
 2007 - 2016Still local
Deborah Edwards Clarinet 2001 - 2008 Singing with Suffolk Opera and the Four Voices Quartet
Richard Elden Bass   Joined Army
Claire English Alto Saxophone 2006 Went to University
Andrew Fairley MD   Still local
Sylvia Fairley Flute   Still local
Chloe FarringtonTrumpet2013-2014 Went to University
Percy Fern Horn  1967 Founder member. Died in 2008.
C. (Bud) Fisher Clarinet/Saxophone 1967 - 1975  
Natasha Free Bassoon 1999 - 2005 Still local
Bob Freeman Cornet    
Jonathan Gardiner Euphonium 2005 - 2006 Joined the Marines
Matt Gardiner Percussion 2006 - 2007 Went to University
Ron Garner Clarinet   Honorary member, still local
Pearl Gibson
 - 2014Still local and often makes a guest appearance
Monty Girling Percussion   Died in 2008
Stan GoodallTrombone 1993-2014Retired
Deidre Gordon Oboe - 2005 Still local
Fiona Gordon-Clarke Alto Saxophone - 2004  Still local
Nick Greenhill Bass 1993 -   
Anne Guiver Clarinet    
Rachel Harrison Bass Clarinet   Went to University
Terry Harding Tuba - 2008 Still local
Georgina Hawkes Trumpet 1991 -  Went to University, settled in York
George Heath Clarinet/Saxophone   Died 1995
Marian Hellen Horn   Still local, occasional guest player
Nicola Hellis Flute    
Julian Hellis Horn    
John Hemmings Trombone - Died in 2007
Kim Holmes Oboe 2006 - 2007 Still local
Elaine Hough Clarinet - 1978  
Maurice Hough Horn    
Pete Ivey Horn/Cornet   Moved to Colchester
Sam Janes Clarinet 2009-2010 Still in Ipswich
Michael Jarrold Clarinet    
Beverley Johnson Clarinet    
Mike Jolly Trumpet 1995  
Louisa Jones Flute   Moved to Norwich
Lynne JonesClarinet2001-2002 Nee Akers. Moved to Shetland. Died after longterm battle with cancer
Melanie Keedy Saxophone    
Roger Keeling Trombone   Still local
Rita Keighley Percussion    
Vernon Keighley Alto Saxophone   Now playing and conducting with the voluntary band at RAF Honington
Richard Kennett Bass    
Denis Kensett Tenor Saxophone 1994-2010 Still in Suffolk
Douglas Kershaw Flute   Father of Nick Kershaw
James Knight Cornet    
J. Lambert Clarinet    
James Le Grys Cornet   Went to University
Jane Leighton Saxophone   Still local
Adam Leith Percussion 2009-2010 Still in Ipswich
Peter Liley Horn   Went to University
Vanessa Lincoln Horn 2002-2003 Went to University
Alison Light Clarinet   Moved away with work
John Lindley Bass   Still local
R. Linsell      
Amanda Llewellyn Bassoon   Moved away nursing (sister)
David Llewellyn Cornet   University (brother)
Ian Maile Baritone    
Kim Malling Clarinet/Saxophone    
Hilary Manning Flute -1975  Went to College
Mark Manser Percussion    
Colin Matthews Trombone   (brother)
Glenda Matthews Baritone 1995 (sister) Became Glenda Stanford
Paul Matthews Trombone    
Dennis McAllister Clarinet/Saxophone   Died in late 1990's
Bill McDermott Percussion 1978-1988 Timpanist in the Somerset Concert Band
Ian McKechnie Cornet 1969 - 1975  
Stuart McNulty Clarinet    
Graham Middleton Clarinet - 1978  
Brian Mitchell Clarinet 2001 - 2010 Moved away
Roger Moss   - 1976 Joined Coldstream Guards
Rachel Murray Clarinet    
Alan Murray Clarinet/Bassoon   Died September 2006 (father)
Andrew Murray Cornet - 1978 University (son)
John Napier Clarinet    
Terri Nears Trumpet    
Judith Newman Cornet  - 2000 Still local
Andrew Newton   -1978  
Colin Newton Trombone   Moved North
Julia Norman Clarinet   Still local
Carol Nye Flute - 1995  
Paddy O'Brien Trombone    
Christian Oechslin Clarinet 2004 - 2005 Went back to Switerland to complete degree
Louise Osborne Flute    
Chas Pelling Trumpet    
John Perkins Clarinet    
Colin Pettingale
1967 - 2012VP, retired and still local
Malva Pickess Flute  1982 - 1984  
Duncan Pine Tenor Sax  1982 - 1984 Living in Scotland
Alice Porter Trumpet 2001 - 2002 Moved South with her family
Martin Potkins Clarinet    
Michael Pratt Clarinet   Runs a pub in Old Windsor, Berkshire called the Fox and Castle
Neil Pratt Trumpet    
Beryl Price Trombone    
Tony Radford Saxophone   Teaching in Ipswich
Trevor Ranson Horn    
Graham Read Flute    
Bernard Reader MD   VP, retired and still local. 
Simon Richie Clarinet    
Derek Riding Clarinet   Died in late 1970's
Clare Rodger Bassoon


Still in Suffolk
David Roper  



Caroline Saunders Flute 1996 Moved to London
Robert Scopes Euphonium/Baritone   Died in 1992
Richard Scott Cornet    
Joy Settle Tenor Saxophone 2005 - 2007 Still local
Kate Smith Flute 1986 - 1991 University in 1991. Moved to Yorkshire in 2002. Now Kate Hartland-Westwood
David Smith Horn    
Gordon Smith Bass    
Ken Stagg Clarinet - 1993  
Claire StanleyClarinet2016Moved to Huddersfield
Siobhan Stephenson Flute   University
Peter Stewart Flute    
Chris Swayze Trombone 1995  
James Symington Trumpet 2005 With the Parachute Regiment
Carol Tansley Clarinet 1996 Living and working in Leeds
Don Taylor Clarinet    
Julia Thomas Flute   University
Mike Thomas Cornet 1993 - 2008 Still local
Danny Thompson Trombone   World class jazz string bass player
Zena Tibbenham Cornet    
Anne Tidey Saxophone 1972 - 1975 (daughter) Became Anne Gordon
Jeff Tidey Chairman   (father) Died in 1988
Hazel Tidey Percussion   (mother) Died in 1997
Simon Tomlinson Alto Saxophone  2004 Still local
Andrew Toomey Clarinet 2006 - 2007 Still local
Alex Tostdevine Oboe 2005 - 2007 Went to University
Linda Tucker Clarinet 2007 - 2008 Still local
Anne Tydeman Clarinet   Still local
Mike Vaughan Bass   Occasional guest player
Ray Walker Euphonium 1967 - 2000 Died in 2004
Melanie Walton Clarinet    
Charles Wannop Clarinet/Cornet    
Tony Warren Flute 1988 - 2007 Died in March 2007
Geoffrey Webb Bass/Junior Band 1968 - 1996 Occasional guest player
Alan Wells Clarinet    
John Wharton Clarinet    
Colin Westwood Bass 1974 - 1975 Nursing in Bristol
Clare Willis Clarinet    
Alan Wilson Percussion - 1993  
Ray Wilson Oboe 1995-2010  Rejoined in 2005, honorary member, still in Ipswich
E. Withers      
Jennie Wogan Clarinet 2011 - 2012  Still local
Pat Wood Horn - 2009 Died in May 2009
Helen Wright Flute 2006 -
Richard Woodward Saxophone    
Don Young Percussion 2001 - 2014 Rejoined in 2006. Still local